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søndag 26. august 2012

How to give tracks away for free at CDBaby

CDBaby is one of the oldest, most solid and most visited web sites for independent music artists. You can not only sell physical CD's but also digital albums and single tracks. If you want to give one or more tracks away for free, in order to give your visitors (and CDBaby has a lot of music fans visiting!), here is a short and effective guide.

1. Log in to your CDBaby artist account to see your Account Dashboard
2. Click on the "view/edit" button for your album
3. Click on "Digital Track Price" (located under the "Pricing on CD Baby"
4. Fill inn "0" in the field with the price of the track.
5. Click "Save and continue" on the bottom of the page.

It may take 24 hours before your change is visible on your artist page. Then you can promote your artist page at CDBaby and let your fans know that they can download one (or more) track for free!

Here is and example of how the album page will look like when the first track is set as free: Look

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