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mandag 7. mai 2012

Marketing your music on The Indie

The Indie is a popular social music promotion and distribution platform that encourages the discovery, and consumption of music (and related content) created by unsigned artists, independent artists and indie labels. In this blog post, Damon at The Indie is sharing his tips for music artists who want to share and market their music on their site:

"Its been a while since I’ve posted on our blog, and a lot has happened since our last post. We now have over 250,000 fans, followers, supporters and artists that user The Indie to find, discover, market and promote indie music. I am truly excited about this milestone, and we have noticed that many artists are inquiring about how they can get featured promotions, radio airplay, tweets and post on our Facebook page. Therefore, I decided to take this opportunity to share the secrets to getting your profile notice so that we can market your music on The Indie.

We are looking for Top Songs, Top Artists & Top Videos

It should come as no surprise that the first artists we notice here, are the artists that are performing well on our charts. To get to top of the charts is not an easy task. You are competing with thousands of other artists and even more songs and videos. That said, if you apply a steady and consistent strategy you will see results in no time.

 Share Your Music

If you see the share button use it. This button is place next to every song and video on your profile. You can share that content on all of your favorite social networks, and quickly ask hundred, even thousands of friends to support you by visiting your profile to:

• listen to your music
• subscribe to your profile
• view your videos
• rate your profile
• leave comments
• buy your songs

 Invite your friends and fans using email

You can invite up to 500 friends a day from each of he following email providers (gmail, hotmail, and yahoo). That is 1500 invitations a day. Ask you friends to perform any of the actions above and your you fly to the top of our charts. You can even ask them to use the email invite buttons themselves (see going viral)

Get Subscribers (see you “Subscribe” page)

The more subscribers you have the more we want to promote you. Its just that simple! The reason is, if you can show us that you have fans that are passionate enough to subscribe to you, then we feel other fans should know about you.  So get your fans to subscribe to you today!

 Sell your Music Direct To Fans

If you haven’t done so, set your songs “For Sale” (see manage music when you login to The Indie). We payout the higher residuals than iTunes and every sales dramatically increases your ranking in our system.
Remember, the artists that apply a consistent strategy, day after day and week after week, that are going to see dramatic changes in their profile, song, and video rankings. These are the artists we are going to notice, and these artists that we are going to promote to over 250,000 fans and supporters of The Indie.

Damon Cleveland

Read the original blog article here

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