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mandag 12. desember 2011

The Indie - get worldwide airplay for your music!

The Indie is a web site for independent music artists, and their speciality is to help you get worldwide airplay. They say on their web site:

Get Worldwide Airplay, Now!

Radio has always made it easy for music lovers to discover new music and new artists. In fact, airplay is the single most important vehicle for exposing music to hundreds of thousands of fans in an instant. Therefore, your first task in getting effective promotion is securing airplay--globally!

We're opening the airwaves...
However, getting airplay isn't easy. It requires identifying viable outlets, and enlisting the a dedicated team of professionals to market and promote your song(s). Alternatively, you can build buzz and momentum by getting your music picked up on alternative outlets for global airplay. How? The Indie has partnered with Media2Radio, a company that is committed to delivering results for artists and labels that want real worldwide radio exposure! This is the opportunity you've been waiting for!

Read more and sign up: here

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