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torsdag 22. desember 2011

5 SoundCloud Music Promotion Tips

SoundCloud is absolutely one of the best sites for serious music artists. If you don't know this site - and don't have an account - check it out and set up your free or paid account and start sharing your music in a great community. The ability to leave comments that pop up as the track is playing, is unique on the web. - SoundCloud is also a great location for music promotion. The Music Think Tank has five easy SoundCloud Music Promotion tips:

Taking advantage of SoundCloud’s growing community of music lovers should be a strategic practice of all musicians, big and small. Sharing tracks, creating sets, and interacting with other users are all essential parts of good SoundCloud promotion. Add to that commenting, following and group joining, and SoundCloud becomes the online pulse of social music.

Looking at the current success of Skrillex and his presence on SoundCloud, you can’t help but get excited about the potential for music discovery that SoundCloud offers. To help gain the most out of SoundCloud and reach the widest audience possible, I’ve put together some tips and ideas that any musician can easily implement. I call them my 5 Super-Social Easily-Implemented Just-Do-It-Already SoundCloud-Tips.

Tip 1: Share

Sharing your SoundCloud tracks is very important. In today’s age of social networking this should not come as a surprise. In fact, this should be second nature by now. When you release a new track or a new set, always remember to share it on Facebook, send out some tweets, embed a HTML5 player on your site, post the music on Tumblr, share the track with SoundCloud users who are not following you already, and send some old-fashioned emails. SoundCloud even lets you connects various networks in their Settings area to assist in this process. Make sure you use it.

Tip 2: Be Free

Everyone likes free stuff, including free SoundCloud downloads. Don’t be afraid to release tracks for free every so often. Many people have grown up not even paying for music anymore. And although that can be detrimental to the starving artist, letting a track go for free can have it benefits. Free downloads have a certain type of virality. When the right fans get their hands on them they can spread across the world at a much faster rate than paid tracks. Use free downloads to produce a larger fan base. With a larger fan base, you have a greater chance of selling more music.

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Aricka Williams sa...

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Helge Krabye sa...

Thanks for the nice comment! Personally, I try to learn as much as possible about promoting my music, but I have to admit that it's difficult. I guess doing the right things, staying focused, believing in myself and my music - and then having a little luck, is the receipt.

Jamie Robertson sa...

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