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fredag 18. november 2011

Add Your Tracks to The Vimeo Video Music Store

Vimeo - one of the best video sites on the web - has opened up an opportunity for music artists to add their music to the Vimeo Video Music Store. Users of the site can easily - and legally - license your tracks to use in their video creations. It's sometimes hard for a video editor to find suitable music that can easily be licensed, and Vimeo has changed this with their new feature :) Users can obtain a Creative Commons license or buy licenses for non-commercial and commercial use. Vimeo is so far offering more than 45,000 tracks from many genres. Users can search the library of available tracks by genre or browse more than 100 categories like mood, instruments or tempo.

As a music artist, how do you add your tracks to Vimeo's database? Most of their tracks comes from Audiosocet, which offers a catalog of more than 30.000 songs from independent artist, and from FMA which offers 11.000 songs with a free Creative Commons license. (Creative Commons is a method of marking a musical composition with a license that (usually) gives the user a legal right to use the composition in his work.)

Here's an introduction to the Vimeo Music Store:

You may submit your music to Audiosocket here.

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