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onsdag 13. juli 2011

Stop giving your music away for free Part 1.5

Last week, I shared the link to an article at where the message is that music artist should NOT give their music away for free. This seems to have raised some discussion, and here's the comments from the author:

Due to numerous comments, I realize some readers are missing the point of the post. Sure the title grabs your attention, but it is the substance of the article that further explains the thought process behind Call To Indie Artists: Stop Giving Your Music Away For Free.

“Firstly, limit the amount of music you offer for free.”

The article is written in response to the present FREE model. YES music given as a promotional tool can be very effective. I didn’t think this was something that needed to be exemplified. Though we are still learning the magnitude of its effectiveness, it has been proven effective enough to give it a try. Now let me remind everyone at one point in time, personal emailing was a charged service. It is almost insane to pay for that very same service now. Sorry, but I’m against songs following the same path. If the creators have accepted free as a normal, then fans (MORE FANS) will definitely follow suit. We know fans began downloading free music a long time ago, but with the advancing of new music discovery outlets, fans now are more willing to pay for music…..because they believe in the artists that they are supporting. If the industry just willingly accepts free as the main model, then we would have cut off a major life line to many artists. Artists who can’t afford to follow in the steps of what major artists are doing, or even what some successful indie artists are doing.

Bottom line is if giving away free music works for you, then so be it. But there are many other artists out there who are looking to generate money off of their music and the plan of just giving away their music for free does not and will not produce successful results.

Also there are many artists out there who are experiencing the immediate results of giving away their music for free. There is always the test of time that will yield more realistic results.

As always thanks for reading and continue to share your thoughts. With discussions like this, we all add to a better music industry.

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