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lørdag 9. juli 2011

How to Structure a Company to Succeed in the Current Music Industry

Here's an interesting and important article about how a company should be structured in order to succeed in the current music industry. The article describes the current problems like this:

"There are three problems that affect the current music ecosystem.

1) The current ecosystem does not have a fair and equitable allocation of costs and benefits.

2) The current ecosystem creates conflict and distrust between the entity that markets the music and the artist who creates the music, and the manager who speaks for the artist.

3) The current ecosystem is a quagmire of rights management that makes it difficult to adapt to the changing content distribution platforms.

A new company structure would have to address these issues, so that it could still operate within the current system while having the ability to pivot as the landscape changes. This company is not a label. It is not a management company. It is not a publishing company. It is a music company."

Read all of the article: Click here!

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